Studded Tires Part One - To Stud or Not to Stud

January 18th, 2016

Tire Studs - Studding Tires - Coast Tire - Southeastern Canada


When buying winter tires, consumers are faced with an option – to stud, or not to stud.   When making this decision there are many factors a driver must take into consideration:
  • Climate; what is the winter weather like where you live?
  • Driving requirements; where will you be driving?  In the city?  In the country?
  • Noise; will extra road noise bother you?  Or is safety your priority?
Drivers who live in areas with extreme winter temperatures and conditions should consider driving with studs… however studded tires increase road friction which will cause extra noise in the passenger cabin.  Experts see this as a trade-off for better traction on ice so it’s best to evaluate your safety needs vs. your comfort needs.
Contact a Coast Tire & Auto Service expert and let them help you evaluate your tire requirements to see if studded tires are right for you!
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